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 The wooden goods at Luna Home Decor & Accessories are lovingly hand-crafted by Raquel and Tiago in their home studio.

How the project started

When we started living together, we noticed that decorating a home and creating a unique and personalized space without spending a lot of money is a very difficult task. So, we decided to make our own furniture and decorative objects.
It wasn't long before our family and friends started to ask us for some pieces. They were the ones to suggest that we should open an online store to show our work, so here we are! 

He both have a second job so the first year was very slow, despite that, everything was made with a lot of passion and, the most important, we learned a lot along the way.

How carving Started

It all started as a form of therapy and meditation while Tiago waited for his surgery.
He learned to carve a spoon and this simple act kept him grounded and brought inspiration back into his life. During what was a long and hard time, carving brought us hope and became the start of something bigger.

And now, beside carving spoons we developed other decorative pieces using the same technique. All products at Luna are hand drawn and hand carved by us. Every step is done manually.

How We Work

We stand against waste, so we give use to woodworking waste to make new pieces and to create wooden cutlery and small kitchen accessories we collect wood from in between season prunings.
For that reason, each one of our pieces is unique!


This way, we guarantee that we respect the planet and at the same time we provide unique, handmade accessories & decoration for you!

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