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General Information

We collect wood from in between season prunings. For that reason each one of our pieces is unique. We use the same design with different wood, so our goodies will never be exactly equal between them or exactly like the ones you see on the photos.

After collecting round tree trunks and branches, we cut, carve and dry our pieces. To finish each one of our items we use a natural product such as beeswax or vegetable oil, this makes every piece 100% food safe and very long lasting. Then we pack each item ourselves to send it to you.

Care Instructions

All products are treated with food safe oil and Beeswax.

In the finishing of all our boards, we apply a vegetable oil or another natural product, such as beeswax, to the wood. This way, this pieces become long lasting and it is absolutely safe to place food on them.

  1. All spoons/knifes/serving boards should be hand washed only.

  2. Never soak your utensils in water or put them into the dishwasher.

  3. Its best to hand wash with warm water and a damp soapy cloth.

  4. Pat the utensils dry with a clean kitchen towel and set them aside to air dry.

    Over time, our items will need occasional re-treating with a food safe beeswax or vegetable oil to keep them looking their best.

  5. Apply a small amount of Spoon Butter or Mineral oil (Walnut oil, Flax seed, coconut oil and linseed oil are all good options), use a clean paper towel to spread it.

  6. Set your spoon aside to dry.

  7. This simple task will keep your spoons looking beautiful and fresh for years to come. 

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