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General Information

We collect wood from in between season prunings. For that reason each one of our pieces is unique. We use the same design with different wood, so our goodies will never be exactly equal between them or exactly like the ones you see on the photos.

After collecting round tree trunks and branches, we cut, carve and dry our pieces. To finish each one of our items we use a natural product such as beeswax or vegetable oil, this makes every piece 100% food safe and very long lasting. Then we pack each item ourselves to send it to you.


Privacy Policy

Luna Home Decor & Accessories understands and respects the privacy of its clientes and none information will be shared with third-parties being used solely for the transaction process (purchase and shipping).

Only when our customer signs up for our Mailing List, therefore giving us express authorization for us to send information, he/she will eventually receive from us newsletters with news or promotional campaigns.


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